(If on hotel property, please ensure publican agrees to this listing)

The following is a list of helpful (although not essential) information, please add as much detail as you can

  • Camping on site or nearby?
  • Cost?
  • Hotel open 7 days?
  • Meals 7 days?
  • Are non self-contained campers permitted?
  • Toilets 24hrs or in business hours only?
  • Power?
  • Water tap?
  • Showers available?
  • Laundry available?
  • Pet Friendly?
  • Dump Point in town?

Further information of interest to add to your post would be:
Names of publicans; distance to nearby towns; sightseeing and attractions; anything that made your stay memorable.

Photos of the hotel and campsite are always of interest. Please send these via the contact form for approval.