The camping has been ceased at Gibson Soak Hotel indefinitely as a majority of campers utilising their campground choose not to patronise the hotel

Are we going to let this happen at even more pubs?

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  1. Coolyrocks

    I hope not
    Even if people just bought a beer or even a glass of wine
    It would help to keep the pubs going

  2. NormBarrett

    It doesn’t take much to support these people. Don’t be selfish. Karma has a way of catching up with you

  3. Rossm

    So many people say that they support the bush areas but make sure that all their alcohol is purchased in a major centre. So often they will spend a large amount to fit extra fuel tanks in order to save a cent or two on fuel. Any charge for camping, however moderate is met with complaint.

  4. Blanka

    Come on people do the right thing and support the Pub I can personally say you will get a really good cold draught beer ther as I installed the beer system during my days working for Carlton Brewery’s

  5. Bushy Peach

    Because I love to have a beer or 2 while travelling, I don’t go past too many without calling in to say g’day and a couple of cold beers, Val and love the have pub lunches.

    Nothing better than to sit and talk to the local and get the history of the area.

    will have a beer with ya when we catch up! cheerio Bushy Peach

  6. bshwckr

    I would support charging for the site and deducting that off any money spent in the pub. Fair for those doing the right thing and the pub still does all right out of those just looking for a space.

  7. williajen

    I agree with the above comment, charge a fee and then give a credit to spend at the pub. Win Win